Google Users Search More than Microsoft/Yahoo Users

August 18, 2009

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New data from comScore reflects that Google doesn’t just dominate the search market by a large margin; its users are also more loyal and more inclined to search in general than Yahoo and Microsoft searchers,?according to?MarketingVOX.

The analytics firm reports that Google holds 84% of the overall search market. In contrast, recently-allied rivals Microsoft and Yahoo enjoy combined search penetration of 73%. Despite what appears to be a rekindling of hope for the latter team, Google searchers conduct an average of 54.5 searches per month – double the number of searches of Microsoft and Yahoo users combined (26.9 times a month).

So-called “Googlers” are also more loyal. 70% of their searches occur on Google products. Yahoo and Microsoft users demonstrate significantly less fidelity, searching on either a Microsoft or Yahoo product 33% of the time — and also using Google heavily, according to Reuters.

comScore analyst Eli Goodman remains optimistic that the search giant can be overtaken. He stated that the Microsoft/Yahoo allegiance yields a “real opportunity to make headway given that nearly three-quarters of all searchers conduct at least one search on these engines every month.

“The challenge will be to create a search experience compelling enough to convert lighter searchers into regular searchers which is generally easier than converting new users,” and if Yahoo and Microsoft users increased their searches to match the number of searches made by Google users, the former camp would command over 40% market share, he speculated.

At present, Google holds about 65% of the US core search market. Yahoo and Microsoft hold 28%, a figure boosted in part by the popularity of recently launched Bing, which gifted parent company Microsoft with a small search rankings boost in June. It also began eating – albeit conservatively – into Google search share.

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