Android TV May Pull A Galaxy Gear | Marketo Grows | FTC Comes Down on “Jerk” Extortion – MarketingVOX

April 8, 2014

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  • Google has plenty ideas of its own, but it’s rarely failed to copy one of Apple’s as well. A new Android TV project would keep up their record, launching into a market that isn’t yet a market, but a market in which Apple is soon expected to create a market.

Marketing Automation:

  • Marketo continues its tear of adding features and relationships, launching what they call a customer engagement platform in what appears to be an attempt to expand beyond their marketing automation niche. They’re also adding Axciom AOS demographic and propensity data.


  • The FTC is targeting a site that scraped photos of people from Facebook and created pages where some of them were noted as “jerks.” The firm provided only one way to have the pages taken down: pay $30 a piece.

    The FTC has not yet shown interest, however, in complaints that Facebook charged advertisers to build social affinity audiences and then changed its policy to allow them to reach their own affinity audiences only through paying additional money.


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