AOL Tries on the :1800 Ad Format | LinkedIn Points at Bizo Territory, Smiles, Licks Lips | Google’s Local Update Did, Um, Something

August 1, 2014

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  • AOL leapt to the next logical conclusion after concentrating much of its perceived ad value in extremely large homepage creative formats: it ran a 30-minute video ad for GM. We suppose the only thing left to do to make the agency’s job even easier is to try to sell one impression at a $1 billion CPM rate in an attempt to get one person to buy a few thousand vehicles at once.


  • Ad Exchanger is calling LinkedIn’s stated intent to allow advertisers to reach targeted individuals beyond the LinkedIn site a death knell for Bizo’s targeting business.


  • Google’s search algorithm update that affected local search results – coined the “Pigeon” update by Search Engine Land – has had a week of life in the wild, allowing search experts to weigh in on the effects. None of them appear to agree what it did, and Google is mum but for saying that it incorporates more and deeper signals.

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