Facebook Attribution Play More A Targeting Feature Than Analytics Threat

January 24, 2013

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Ad Exchanger got the skinny on Facebook’s plans for the conversion attribution space. This is the service that allows advertisers to tell which messages and media were responsible for which transactions. Facebook has been beta testing such a service with a few hundred major advertisers and indicates that it will rapidly roll it out to the unwashed masses.

This does not appear to mean, however, that Facebook will be competing with Google Analytics anytime soon, but rather that it will be able to offer batches of users with pre-defined behavior likelihoods. Reading between the lines of the interview, it sounds like Facebook might be adding merely another pop-up menu on its sparse ad interface, allowing advertisers to select an additional set of audiences.

Facebook’s pushing of attribution-related news comes at an opportune time, as Google has been experiencing a rare problem with its analytics-to-advertising attribution data connection.


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