In-Store Marketing Tactics Still Found Effective

August 24, 2021

GfK Top Shopping Touchpoint Influences Aug2021Even in this day and age where consumers have ample online sources to help them make buying decisions, it appears that more traditional methods still have plenty of influence. This is per a survey by GfK, which looks at the top shopping influences across 16 product categories.

The survey of 2,000 US consumers ages 15-65 asked respondents what influences them most when shopping in a given category. Overall, in-store displays are considered the top shopping influence by 38% of respondents (top-3). Indeed, in-store displays influence more consumers than the opinions of family, friends or colleagues (32% selecting within top-3). Additionally, 3 in 10 say they find information at the shelf influential.

Online influences also play a role in buying decisions. Some 30% cited general shopping sites as shopping influences across the 16 categories. Other research indicates that consumers tend to trust consumer reviews. Complementing that, GfK’s survey also shows that online reviews from other shoppers or users are a top-3 shopping influence for 29% of the consumers surveyed.

In-store displays hold particular influence with consumers ages 50+, with nearly half (46%) in this age group placing them among their top influences. Likewise, some 41% of women placed in-store displays within their top-3 shopping influences. In the meantime, an above-average share of consumers ages 18-49 is influenced by the opinions of family, friends or colleagues (36% top-3).

What influences consumers to buy does vary by product category. For instance, the top 3 influencers for consumers considering purchasing Smartphones are online advertising, brand websites and product demos, while Packaged Food & Beverage purchases are influenced most by price comparison and discount websites, in-store displays and retailer websites.

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About the Data: Findings are based on a survey conducted February-May 2021 among 2,000 US consumers ages 15-65. The 16 product categories measured include Smartphones, Packaged Food & Beverage and Small Home Appliances.

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