2022’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

September 26, 2022

There’s a change at the top of this year’s list of brand loyalty leaders, according to Brand Key’s latest annual loyalty study [pdf], which ranked customer engagement and loyalty to 1,624 brands across 142 categories. After 5 consecutive years setting the pace, Amazon has ceded top billing to Apple, per the results.

Apple took over the top spot for its Smartphone brand, relegating Amazon to second for Online Retail. It’s not the only brand ranking this year in which Apple has overtaken Amazon: after 3 consecutive years at the top, Amazon surrendered its position as the world’s most valuable brand this year to Apple.

Rounding out the top five in brand loyalty this year are:

  • Domino’s, up one spot to #3, for Pizza;
  • Disney+, up two spots to #4, for Video Streaming; and
  • TikTok, up 16 spots to #5, for Social Networking. 

These brands were among the most likely to meet customer expectations for the respective categories.

Once again this year, Amazon appears on the top-10 list twice: for its performance in the Online Retail (#2 overall) and Video Streaming (#10 overall) categories, although its ranking slipped for both. In the past, it has also ranked within the top-10 for its performance in the Tablet category; however, it has fallen another seven spots this year to #30 overall for its performance in the Tablet category.

For its part, Apple has seen its performance improve slightly over last year (up from #2 to #1 overall for Smartphones). While like Amazon its ranking for the Tablets category has dropped (#20 overall across brands and categories, down from #15), Apple TV continues to make strides, rising to #14 overall, after entering the top 100 last year at #26 for the Streaming Video category.

Brands are able to appear in Brand Keys’ loyalty leaders list more than once as they are measured against the loyalty “ideal” for each category in which they are present. This generates a percentage for each brand in each category, and the loyalty leader rankings are then formed by comparing the top percentages across all brands and categories.

Two social networking brands made it into the top-20 this year. The aforementioned TikTok at #5, and Instagram, which fell 6 spots to #15. YouTube dropped just out of the #20, sitting at #21. Facebook, with all its problems, has fallen all the way to #46, down from #29 last year.

With video streaming services continuing to be popular, four video streaming services occupy a place within the top-20 this year. Disney+ (up from #6 to #4), Netflix (down from #3 to #8), and Amazon (down from #5 to #10) have spots within the top-10, while Apple TV comes in at #14. Hulu this year drops out of the top #20, down to #23.

Fastest Risers and Other Notable Moves

Some of the brands that saw gains in loyalty this year include Pinterest (+25 to #71), MSNBC (+19 to #12), and Costco (+18 to #50).

As for those that saw the greatest loss in customer loyalty ranking, Purell had the dubious distinction (-52 to #77) of plummeting the most, followed by Clorox (-41 to #78), likely a result of consumers’ lessening pandemic anxieties. On another pandemic-related note, Pfizer was new to the list this year, debuting all the way up at #6. Moderna also was new to the list, though it entered at a more modest #39.

Other brands new to the list this year include Paramount+ (#51), Beyond Meat (#82), Impossible Foods (#90), and Tesla (#100).

Overall, about half (51) of the top 100 brands hailed from one of three categories: Retail (22); Food & Beverages (16); or Technology (13). 

The full top-100 list is available here [pdf].

About the Data: Brand Keys’ Loyalty Leaders analysis was conducted in August 2022 and includes 68,125 assessments from consumers ages 16-65 who self-selected the categories in which they are consumers and the brands for which they are customers. The 2022 Loyalty Leader assessments examined 142 categories and 1,624 brands.

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