8 in 10 People Say They’re More Likely to Trust Legacy Brands

August 4, 2017

As part of a survey about nostalgic purchases, Ask Your Target Market (AYTM) reveals that 8 in 10 adults in the US at least somewhat agree that they’re more likely to trust brands that have been around for a long time. As such, while legacy brands are often fighting off industry disruptors, the data indicates that they’re well positioned on at least this crucially important front. Previous research has demonstrated, for example, that most consumers will buy and recommend products from trusted companies, whereas many will refuse to buy from – or endorse – companies they distrust.

Brands that have been around for a long time can also benefit from nostalgic imagery or storylines in their advertising, per the report, as more than 6 in 10 respondents reported finding these to be effective.

Likewise, more than 6 in 10 at least somewhat agreed that they have made purchases specifically because they evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Which Items Are Most Likely to Come Back in Style?

The AYTM survey results indicate that about 7 in 10 adults have at some point purchased a nostalgic item – defined as one that was popular in the past and has come back into style.

Some 57% made a nostalgic purchase within the past year, and a similar proportion (56%) feel that it’s at least somewhat likely that they’ll make a nostalgic purchase in the coming year.

But these people are unlikely to be lining up to get a Game Boy. Among those who have made a nostalgic purchase in the past, just 28% said they’re most likely to buy technology products based on nostalgia. Instead, home items (56%), entertainment (54%) and food (50%) are the items most likely to tug at the heart strings – and purse strings, with fashion (45%) not far behind.

So maybe those Z Cavaricci pants will make a comeback?

About the Data: The results are based on an AYTM survey of 1,000 US adults (18+).


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