Most Valuable Brands Enjoy Record Growth

July 19, 2021

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BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Brands Collective Value 2006 2021 Jul2021The value of the world’s most valuable brands has grown considerably this year. This is per the latest Top 100 Most Valuable Brands 2021 report [download page] from Kantar BrandZ, which found that the value of the top 100 brands grew by 42% over the past year, adding $2.1 trillion to reach a total of $7.1 trillion this year.

This historic growth comes after two years of much slower growth. Last year the value of the 100 most valuable brands grew by 6%, while in 2019 it grew by 7%. Indeed, this year’s growth is double that of the faster growth seen in 2018 (21%).

Consumer Technology was the category that saw the fastest growth over the past year, with Consumer Technology brands in the top 100 growing in value by 67%. This growth was driven by brands such as Apple (+74%), Xbox (+55%), XIAOMI (+50%) and Samsung (+44%).

While Consumer Technology may have been the fastest-growing sector this year, BrandZ points out that each sector analyzed enjoyed growth. For instance, Retail, which was the fastest-growing sector last year, saw its collective brand value grow by 48% this year (compared to 21% last year).

Amazon Remains On Top

For the third consecutive year, Amazon sits at the top of the list of the most valuable global brands. Growing by 64% over 2020, the e-commerce giant’s brand value stands at $683.9 billion. BrandZ notes that this is the first time the brand’s worth is more than half a trillion dollars.

Tech brands Apple (#2; $612 billion), Google (#3; $458 billion) and Microsoft (#4; $410.3 billion) follow Amazon, while China’s Tencent ($240.9 billion) rounds out the top 5.

After seeing its value decrease last year, a 54% increase in value this year boosted Facebook up 2 positions to #6 ($226.7 billion). Similarly, a 20% lift in value gave McDonald’s the lift it needed to move from the #10 spot it had occupied for 2 years to #9.

Thirteen Newcomers

This year, 13 brands entered the top 100 list, 8 of which represent the Business Solutions and Technology Provider category. NVIDIA, which debuted on the list at #12, was the highest-ranked of the new brands.

The lion’s share of newcomers reign from the US: Texas Instruments (#35), Qualcomm (#37), Tesla (#47), Zoom (#53), Intuit (#53), AMD (#57), Snapchat (#82) and Autodesk (#89). They are joined by India’s Tata Consultancy Services (#58), China’s Pinduoduo (#81) and Ke (#96) and Sweden’s Spotify (#99).

The Fastest-Risers

Tesla takes the #1 spot among the fastest-risers in brand value this year. The automobile company, which also made it onto the list of most reputable companies in the US this year, saw its brand value grow by 275% over last year. It is followed by Tik Tok (+158%) and Pinduoduo (+131%).

The full BrandZ report can be viewed here.

About the Data: BrandZ arrives at its brand value by multiplying the brand’s financial value (the amount of corporate earnings attributed to a particular brand) by brand contribution (a percentage of financial value). Brand value is defined as “the dollar amount a brand contributes to the overall value of a corporation.”


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