These Brands Had the Fastest Growth in Consumer Buying Intent in 2021

January 3, 2022
MorningConsult Fastest Growing Brands Dec2021

After nearly a second full year of a global pandemic, not only have consumers added more subscription video services to their viewing repertoire, but they are now being offered COVID-19 vaccines to help get them back out into the world more safely. With this in mind, it will come as little surprise that the top brands on this year’s Fastest Growing Brands [download page], as determined by Morning Consult, are video subscription services and a pharmaceutical brand.

Per the report, “growth was determined by taking the share of consumers who said they were considering purchasing from the brand from Oct. 1 – 26, 2021 and subtracting the share who said the same from Jan. 1 – 31, 2021.”

The majority of Americans now discover favorite shows through online sources and there is no shortage of new video services popping up. One of these newer services tops the list of fastest-growing brands of the year. Paramount Plus saw purchase intent grow by 8.5 percentage points. Unlike most of the other brands tracked, Morning Consult began tracking this measure for Paramount Plus in February 2021, when some 16% of consumers said they would purchase a subscription over the course of the year. By late October, the share had increased to 25%.

Other video subscription services made the list, including HBO Max (#3), which saw intent grow by 5 points throughout 2021 from 26% to 31%. Purchase intent for advertising-supported video service, Pluto TV (#7), also grew, going from 18% to 21%. 

The beginning of 2021 saw COVID-19 vaccination efforts start in earnest, and with that, intent for some pharmaceutical brands increased. Moderna is one such brand. At #2, the brand grew by 7.3 points throughout the year from 19% to 26%. Further down the list, Pfizer intent (#17) grew 3.1 points.

While the future of cryptocurrency remains somewhat uncertain, one cryptocurrency brand, Coinbase (#4) made the list, growing 4.7 points from 10% to 15%. Other financial brands, Afterpay and Cash App, experienced growth in consideration throughout the year, growing by 3.7 points and 3.4 points, respectively.

Other brands in the top 10 include: 

  • TikTok: #5 with 3.9 points growth;
  • YouTube Shorts: #6 with 3.8 points growth; and
  • Universal Orlando: #10 with 3.4 points growth.

Fastest-Growing Brands By Generation

Paramount Plus tops the list of fastest-growing brands across younger generations, with the biggest change in growth coming from Millennials (+14.2 points), followed by Gen Z (+12.4 points). In the meantime, Moderna saw the most growth with Gen X (7.6 points) and Baby Boomers (6.8 points).

There were mixed results at the #2 spot across generations. Instacart held the #2 spot with Gen Z. Reddit took that position for Millennials (+8.7 points) and Baby Boomers, while Paramount Plus was #2 for Gen Z.

The third-fastest growing brand also varied among the generations, with HBO Films taking the #3 spot for Gen Z adults and TikTok for Millennials. Icy Hot was #3 in growth with Gen X, while HBO Max held that spot with Baby Boomers.

To see the full list of the fastest-growing brands, the report can be found here.

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