The World’s Most Valuable Brands Record Sustained Growth

July 18, 2022

After a record increase last year, the value of the world’s most valuable brands has recorded another significant jump this year. So reveals the latest annual Top 100 Most Valuable Brands report [download page] from Kantar BrandZ, which finds that the value of the top 100 brands grew by 23% over the past year, adding $1.6 trillion and reaching a total of almost $8.7 trillion.

While this year’s growth rate doesn’t match last year’s (42%), it compares favorably to 2020 (6%), 2019 (7%), and another previously strong year in 2018 (21%).

Consumer Technology was the category that saw the fastest growth over the past year, with top-100 brands in this sector growing their value by 45%. Right on Consumer Tech’s heels was the Luxury category, with its brands enjoying 45% growth from last year.

In fact, the report finds that each sector analyzed enjoyed growth, with Alcohol (+3%) and Telecom Providers (+4%) the only sectors in which the collective value of their top-100 brands did not see a double-digit increase.

Apple Retakes Most Valuable Brand Ranking

After 3 consecutive years at the top, Amazon surrenders its position this year to Apple. With an impressive 55% year-over-year increase in brand value (third among top-10 brands), Apple’s brand value climbed to almost a trillion dollars ($947.062 billion).

Google sustained the fastest growth rate of the brands in the top 10, with a 79% surge to $819.573 billion, in so doing leapfrogging #3 Amazon. The online retail giant posted a muted 3% increase, to $705.646 billion.

Following on Amazon’s heels is Microsoft, which enjoyed healthy brand value growth of its own, clocking in at $611.46 billion after a 49% climb. While Tencent stood pat at #5, its brand value – which declined by 11% year-over-year – was not much larger than a third that of Microsoft, at $214.023 billion.

Aside from Tencent, the only brands in the top 10 to register a decline in brand value over the past year were Facebook (down 2 spots to #8) and Alibaba (#9), with the former having the biggest slide, of 18%. Compounding Facebook’s woes: it’s forecast to suffer its first ever drop in US users this year.

Eleven Newcomers Join the List

This year’s list features 11 newcomers – 5 of which have previously been among the top 100 and 6 of which are first-timers. Unlike last year, when Business Solutions and Technology Provider brands were heavily featured among the newcomers (8 of the 13), this year’s 11 new entrants hail from 9 different categories.

The highest-ranked of the newcomers this year is Aramco. At just under $100 billion ($99.327) of brand value, its first time ever in the top 100 saw it enter at the 16th spot. The other newcomers didn’t rank nearly as highly, with the next-highest being Infosys at #64. In fact, 6 of the 11 just slid in at #90 or lower, with the bottom 3 spots taken by newcomers Aldi, AirBnB, and Morgan Stanley.

Fastest-Rising Brands

The BrandZ report notes that “luxury, search and social media brands lead this year’s list of the fastest risers,” which makes sense considering that the Consumer Tech and Luxury categories had the biggest increases in aggregate brand value this year.

Luxury brand Cartier (+88%) tops this list, followed by YouTube (+83%) and Google (+79%). Last year’s fastest-rising brand, Tesla, comes in 4th on the list of fastest-growing this year, with its brand value up by 78%.

Finally, social media darling TikTok, which had been second on this list last year, registered no brand value growth this year, staying pat at $43.583 billion in what was a down year for China’s top 10, 8 of which suffered declines in brand value.

Download the full report here.


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