Benefits of Marketing Automation Extend Beyond Lead Generation

January 31, 2019

Marketing automation is best known for its ability to generate leads for sales, but recent research from CleverTouch [download page] has shown that there are other benefits too – in particular, with helping marketing and sales to work more effectively together.

Aligning sales and marketing has a number of challenges, especially with regards to communication and dealing with broken processes. Accountability over which department owns what KPI can help smooth relations, and is a driving factor behind better collaboration between sales and marketing for enterprise businesses.

This increased accountability is the most commonly-cited benefit by survey respondents for how marketing automation is improving sales and marketing collaboration, with around half (51%) choosing this option.

To a lesser degree, yet still notable, marketing automation is also enabling quicker lead routing (47%), has helped accomplish a common business funnel (46%) and provided greater prospect intelligence (46%).

Marketing automation is also credited with helping businesses through the delivery of quality leads, improved data quality and compliance, as well as by helping prove ROI.

Are Marketers Planning to Change Their Platform?

Even with CMOs reporting that they intend to increase the amount of their marketing budgets allocated to martech, some companies still need to conserve costs. In what will likely be good news for finance departments, most marketers that were surveyed said they were staying with the same provider (63%) – either because they still have to maximize what they already have (41%), or because they are already seeing great results from their current platform (22%).

That being said, there are also savings to be made from changing providers, as more than one-quarter (28%) of respondents said they would change their marketing automation platform to reduce costs.

For the remainder, those that will be changing their platform within the coming years say that they have outgrown the current capabilities of their current platform (30%).

The full report can be found here.

About the Data: The results are based on data collected from a survey of 250 heads of marketing, marketing directors and CMOs working in companies with 250+ employees. One-quarter of participants were from the US, another one-quarter from the UK and half from EMEA.


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