1 in 3 B2B Companies Are Using Manual Processes to Move Sales and Marketing Data Across Tools

March 8, 2022

Sales and marketing alignment, or lack thereof, has been long been a hurdle for B2B organizations. Even though achieving better alignment with sales is one of the biggest go-to-market priorities for B2B marketers, it appears many organizations are falling short in this area, with a report [download page] from Copper and Outfunnel revealing that only about 4 in 10 senior-level B2B sales and marketing leaders rate sales and marketing alignment in their organization as very good or excellent.

It seems that company size has some impact on sales and marketing alignment. Nearly half (47%) of respondents from companies with 2-50 employees rated the alignment between sales and marketing at their company as very good or excellent, while only about one-third (34%) of respondents from larger companies (101-150 employees) were able to rate their company’s sales and marketing alignment at that level.

Some of the most frequently cited challenges to aligning sales and marketing include poor communication (42%), lack of accurate data on prospects and customers (34%) and lack of accountability (30%). Another challenge, cited by 3 in 10 (29%) respondents, is that prospect or customer data is fragmented across multiple tools and systems. 

This is an obvious challenge considering that 8 in 10 respondents say their sales team use multiple sales software tools that contain information about leads and customers and close to 9 in 10 (87%) say their marketing team uses multiple software tools containing information on leads and customers. Added to that, while some are using development resources to build custom integration (35%) or an all-in-one suite (34%) to integrate data across these sales and marketing tools, a similar proportion are moving some or all data manually (32%).

Finally, to reiterate the importance of aligning sales and marketing, the report shows that companies that missed their 2021 revenue goals are far less likely than those that exceeded their revenue goals to rate their sales and marketing alignment as very good or excellent (9% vs 70%). 

The full report can be found here.

About the Data: Findings are based on a November-December 2021 survey of 300 senior-level (Director+ with decision-making authority) B2B sales (150) and marketing (150) leaders from companies with both sales and marketing functions.

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