Advertising Execs Point to Resource Challenges As Their Biggest Roadblocks on the Job

November 20, 2017

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Advertising professionals aren’t having much trouble with executive buy-in, but they do seem to be suffering from resource constraints, according to survey results from Advertiser Perceptions. Asked to identify the most prevalent factors preventing them from fulfilling their job’s obligations, respondents pointed to two main challenges.

Those were “too much work, too little time” and “lack of needed budget to the get the job done.” Each was cited by 51% of respondents as being among their 3 biggest roadblocks (of 8 identified).

Not too surprisingly, advertisers with smaller budgets placed lack of budgets at the top of their list of challenges.

Not far behind, 44% of advertisers overall complained of the lack of staff and talent needed to execute marketing properly. That may not improve for marketers: survey results from The Creative Group indicate that more companies are freezing creative positions than expanding them. And that could prove an issue especially on the digital side, as advertisers don’t have too much confidence in their digital abilities.

The resource constraints faced by advertisers bring to mind a recent report from Emma, in which 64% of marketers said they don’t have enough time or personnel to do the marketing they would like.

On a more encouraging note, advertising execs largely have the support of their management. The two factors that were cited by the fewest respondents as being roadblocks were “lack of trust and/or confidence from management to work independently” and “having an influential seat at your company’s executive table.”

Finally, while producing diverse marketing and/or content for diverse audiences isn’t a key challenge overall, it does seem to be affecting Auto and Tech advertisers more than others. Financial and Travel advertisers, by contrast, seem to be the least challenged by content production.

About the Data: The results are based on an Advertiser Perceptions survey of 300 marketers and agency professionals (50/50 split) involved in advertising and media decision-making.


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