Actions Taken by US Adults Due to Inflation Articles

The percentage of adults ages 30 and older who have taken each of the following actions due to inflation, along with the percentage who have taken any of them:

  • “Cut back on ‘extras'”
  • “Cut back on basic expenses”
  • “Canceled a subscription, membership, or service”
  • “Postponed or canceled a vacation”
  • “Postponed a major purchase”
  • “Postponed repairs to a vehicle, home, or appliance”
  • “Borrowed money or taken on more debt”
  • “Saved less for retirement”
  • “Postponed medical appointments or medical procedures”
  • “Been unable to pay some of your bills”
  • “Cut back on or did not fill a prescription medication”
  • “Withdrew money early from a retirement account”
  • “Increased your income by taking a second job, working more, or earning more”
  • “Postponed further skills training or education”
  • “Saved less for your or a family members’ education”
  • “Postponed retirement”
  • “Postponed a wedding or family celebration”
  • “Started working again after retiring”
  • “Discontinued family caregiving services”

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