B2B Buyers’ Purchase Decision Influencers Articles

RAINGroup B2B Buyer Purchase Decision Influencers Apr2021

The percentage of B2B buyers who consider the following factors highly influential in their purchase decisions:

  • Leading a thorough discovery of my concerns, wants, and needs
  • Showing me what’s possible or how to solve a problem
  • Listening to me
  • Making the return on investment (ROI) case clear to me
  • Educating me with new ideas and perspectives
  • Communicating their value
  • Connecting with me and building rapport
  • Developing a relationship with me
  • Gaining my attention and keeping me engaged virtually
  • Differentiating from other sellers
  • Collaborating and interacting with me virtually
  • Using technology when leading a virtual sales meeting
  • Using tools that demonstrate the value of their offering
  • Reaching out to me to set meetings by phone, mail, etc.
  • Negotiating with me

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