Changes in Customer Behavior Observed by CMOs During COVID-19 Articles

CMOSurvey Observed Customer Behavior Changes During COVID 19 Jun2020

Focusing on their largest revenue market, the types of customer behaviors that CMOs have observed during the Covid-19 pandemic, including:

  • Lower in person marketing engagement (e.g. sales/store visits, tradeshows)
  • Increased openness to new digital offerings introduced during the pandemic
  • Increased value placed on digital experiences
  • Greater acknowledgement of companies’ attempts to “do good”
  • Lower likelihood to buy
  • New customers have been attracted to our products and services
  • More reviews/blogging/posting about brands online
  • More online research before purchasing
  • Unwillingness to pay full price
  • Weaker loyalty levels
  • Lower likelihood to purchase online
  • Weaker concerns about privacy

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