Consumer Purchases Made Due to COVID-19 Articles

Ipsos Consumer Purchases Due to COVID June2021

The percentage of consumers who bought each of the following during the pandemic that they would otherwise not have bought (along with the percentage who bought none of them):

  • “Bought supplies/equipment for a new hobby”
  • “Bought electronics to pass the time (i.e. gaming system, a video camera, etc.)”
  • “Started a new subscription to fill the time/entertain myself/my family (i.e. Disney+, cooking classes, etc.)”
  • “Bought office equipment (i.e. a new desk, printer, circle light for zoom calls, etc.)”
  • “Bought countertop appliances/equipment for the kitchen (i.e. baking equipment, air fryer, etc.)”
  • “Bought exercise equipment (i.e. treadmill, exercise bike, yoga mat, etc.)”
  • “Bought a big-ticket item just for you (i.e. car, house, etc.)”
  • “Brought home a new pet”

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