Drivers of Trust in Organizations and Institutions Articles

The percentage of people in the US and globally who said that the following are among the top attributes that are most important to them when deciding whether or not to trust an organization or institution:

  • “If it is reliable/keeps its promises”
  • “If it is open and transparent about what it does”
  • “If it behaves responsibly”
  • “If it shares my values”
  • “If it works to prevent the spread of misinformation”
  • “If it is good at what it does”
  • “If it does what it does with the best of intentions”
  • “If it is environmentally sustainable”
  • “If it would try to take advantage of me if it could”
  • “If it is well led”
  • “If it has behaved well in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic”

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