Enterprises’ Top Digital Content Initiatives

May 10, 2021

Top digital content initiatives in the coming 12 months for senior executives at companies with at least 1,000 employees:

  • Invest in technology that enables real-time delivery and personalization of data
  • Use better data to create personalized content that serves the customer journey
  • Develop a better content review and approval process for compliance and quality
  • Invest in platforms, people and processes to scale the production of personalized content
  • Use better techniques and technology to measure the impact of content
  • Create editorial guidelines and content criteria to ensure quality and consistence of content
  • Integrate multiple software systems to share customer data
  • Hire more content creators
  • Amplify content reach by using ad dollars
  • Create more video content
  • Restructure organization to follow a central content strategy
  • Invest in new content formats like virtual/augmented reality

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