Essential Role of A CMO in the Exec Team, per C-Suite Leaders Articles

CMOCouncil Essential CMO Roles per C Suite Leaders July2021

The top-5 essential roles of a CMO in the executive team, with senior management executives choosing from the following:

  • Customer experience advocate and champion
  • Digital transformation/marketing automation leader
  • Brand reputation custodian and value creator
  • Maestro of communications and demand generation
  • Customer insights authority (360-degree view)
  • Primary revenue builder and growth strategist
  • Architect of innovation and business expansion
  • Decision-support data integrator and guru
  • Commerce and path-to-purchase enabler
  • Architect of organizational purpose and culture
  • Brand ethics enforcer and customer privacy protector
  • Go-to-market authority and pricing expert
  • Owner of product excellence and relevance

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