Execs’ Confidence in Core Elements of Digital Channels Articles

The percentage of US executives who are highly confident regarding the following core elements of their digital channels:

  • “Omnichannel operations: Customer service agents have access to both in-store and digital transactions in real time
  • “Omnichannel operations: Contact center, mobile apps and online channels are fully integrated”
  • “CX operations: Evaluating, analyzing and optimizing your customers’ holistic digital CX”
  • “CX operations: Actively monitoring and managing SEO and core web vitals in real time”
  • “Customer digital journeys: Develop and use customer segments to guide customer journeys in real time”
  • “Digital channels: Customer digital experiences are fully optimized”
  • “Digital channels: Digital experiences are optimally personalized”
  • “Customer digital journeys: A fully-detailed understanding and/or map of each customer’s digital journeys”

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