How Organizations Define What It Means to Be Data Driven Articles

Ways by which executives in a variety of job roles say organizations are defining what it means to be data driven:

  • “High levels of trust in quality of data”
  • “Easy to use data management tools”
  • “Speedy, flexible access that can be scaled as needed”
  • “Agility or flexibility in both data and business practices”
  • “Data visualization tools to enable insights to be easily communicated”
  • “A culture that adopts and uses data and insights regularly”
  • “Highly personalized and relevant data depending on the user”
  • “Supports changing our upcoming business initiatives”
  • “Tools and technologies fully integrated to remove data silos”
  • “Supports data literacy and data democratization initiatives”
  • “Data democratization (providing access to a wider range of roles within the business)”

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