Important Elements of the Online Shopping Experience Articles

DigitalCommerce360 Elements Online Shopping Experience Nov2021

The 10 most important features (from a list of 17) important to adult online buyers when it comes to delivering a well-designed and functional online shopping experience:

  • “Detailed product descriptions”
  • “Ample product images”
  • “Ability to add products to a wish list or favorite list”
  • “Robust product reviews, including user-submitted photos and keyword-searchable review content”
  • “Ability to see similar or recommended products based on preferences”
  • “Shopper Q&A with the retailer about the product”
  • “Robust search options specific to the products I’m looking for, such as “organic materials” (not just typical filters for size, color, or price)”
  • “Visual icons that showcase product details, such as icons indicating machine-washable, water-resistant, sustainable, etc.”
  • “How-to guides or video tutorials”
  • “Video of the product”

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