Main Reasons for Listening to Public Radio Articles

JacobsMedia Main Reasons for Listening to Public Radio Nov2021

Among those who listen to AM/FM radio, the percentage who say the following is a main reason they listen to Public Radio:

  • “More trustworthy & objective programming”
  • “To be informed about the news”
  • “Enjoy learning new things”
  • “Deeper news perspective”
  • “Respects my intelligence”
  • “Balanced perspectives”
  • “Like particular shows/hosts”
  • “Hear different voices & perspectives”
  • “Fewer ads than commercial radio”
  • “Calm presentation”
  • “Makes me smarter”
  • “Community information”
  • “In the habit of listening”
  • “It’s listener-supported”
  • “Hear music I don’t get anywhere else”
  • “Needs my support”
  • “Music curation”
  • “Breaking news alerts”
  • “To be informed in an emergency”
  • “Like to work with radio”
  • “Something to talk about”
  • “Discover new music/new artists”
  • “Keeps me company”
  • “Music surprises”
  • “On-demand programming”

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