Marketers’ Behaviors When Pursuing Growth Articles

CMOSurvey Behaviors When Pursuing Growth Opps Oct2021

The percentage of marketing leaders who say the following behaviors occur at their organization a majority of the time when they are pursuing growth opportunities:

  • “Marketing articulates how the growth opportunity connects to the company position and strategy”
  • “Using an integrated marketing team in which digital and nondigital work together”
  • “Marketing builds a business case for the growth strategy”
  • “Marketing offers a strong interpretation of customer insights important to the growth opportunity”
  • “Marketing is able to connect the growth strategy to relevant customer metrics”
  • “Effectively leveraging technology to pursue growth opportunities”
  • “Using data insights across channels”
  • “Examining other industries for actions that might inspire company growth opportunities”
  • “Identifying how to move the business from core strengths into adjacent digital opportunities”
  • “Using an integrated marketing team in which marketing and finance experts work together”

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