Most Important Marketing Areas Over the Next 2 Years Articles

The areas that marketers think will be most important over the next 2 years:

  • “Moving to more data- and insight-driven decision-making”
  • “Improving our customer experience and customer journey management”
  • “Maximizing marketing effectiveness and optimizing budgets”
  • “Improving our understanding of the customer”
  • “Brand building and enhancing brand loyalty”
  • “Sustainability and social impact”
  • “Proving the ROI of marketing”
  • “Building or maintaining brand trust”
  • “Moving to more agile and responsive work practices”
  • “Ensuring the right talent is in place (recruitment, training and retention)”
  • “Growing and improving our e-commerce offer”
  • “Improving our personalization and targeting capabilities”
  • “Integrating and benefiting from automation, AI and machine learning”

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