Most Rewarding Martech-Related Job Aspect Articles

The most rewarding part of the job for Marketer and Maestro archetypes:

  • Demonstrating/proving a positive impact on the business from martech
  • Supporting other people in marketing who need to use marketing technology
  • Solving technical issues with martech software
  • Keeping up with changes in marketing and martech
  • Working across departmental boundaries, such as with IT or sales
  • Managing a team – hiring, training, supervision, development, and retention
  • Managing up/explaining martech to senior executives and stakeholders
  • Managing martech vendor relationships
  • Securing sufficient resources – time, talent, and money – for work to be done

Marketers are defined as those who “might use martech in their work, but they primarily create and optimize campaigns and programs.” A Maestro “architects and administers the systems and processes that the marketing organization runs, including in a marketing operations capacity.”

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