Motivations for Gen Z to See Movies in Theaters Articles

MorningConsult Why Gen Z Would Watch Movie at Cinema Aug2021

Gen Z rate the extent to which the following reasons would motivate them to choose to see a movie in theaters:

  • “Variety of movie offerings”
  • “Premium screen formats such as IMAX or 3D”
  • “Inexpensive ticket cost on certain days or times”
  • “Variety of seating options”
  • “I want to see a movie as the filmmaker intended”
  • “Premium sound options such as Dolby Digital”
  • “I enjoy the shared experience of watching a movie with a crowd”
  • “Variety of food options”
  • “Ability to buy tickets online or on my phone”
  • “I belong to a loyalty or rewards program”
  • “I belong to a movie ticket subscription service”

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