Regular Occurrence of Virtual Events in the Future Articles

614Group Regular Occurrence Virtual Events in the Future Jun2020

The percentage of executives working in the marketing and advertising industry who believe it’s very likely that these types of virtual events will occur regularly in the future:

  • Global virtual events with live video feeds from headliners speaking about big issues
  • Virtual event designed to foster community and share thought leadership among defined groups of experts/specialists
  • Global virtual gatherings of country and regional experts to foster global communities of those experts
  • Member only virtual networking gatherings designed to connect businesses with prospects
  • AR / VR experiences shared by remote event attendees with the goal of creating unique opportunities to demonstrate/try new products/services
  • Virtual cocktail hours with clients that include custom video feeds of performers/concerts
  • Virtual client dinners created by boutique event producers who oversee delivered-to-the-door catering and special decorative sets for background

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