Shoppers’ Reasons for Buying from Amazon Articles

DigitalCommerce360 Top Reasons Buying on Amazon Nov2021

US online shoppers (virtually all of whom have bought on Amazon in the past year) select their top 5 reasons for buying from Amazon from the following list:

  • “I can find almost anything I need”
  • “I’m a Prime member and I receive free shipping on most items”
  • “I can quickly find what I’m looking for and make my purchase”
  • “Amazon offers competitive prices”
  • “I know it’s always available, making it a convenient choice”
  • “I can rely on Amazon to deliver on time”
  • “I’m familiar with the user experience on the site”
  • “Amazon typically offers a vast number of customer reviews”
  • “I can quickly reorder products I’ve already purchased”
  • “Amazon offers good customer service”
  • “I enjoy the convenience of being able to return to one of its local return centers”
  • “I can rely on Amazon for same-day delivery”
  • “Amazon features robust product information”
  • “Amazon offers a personalized shopping experience”
  • “Amazon always innovates on behalf of its customers”

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