Smartphone Activities Among US Owners Ages 50+ Articles

AARP Smartphone Activities Among the 50 Plus Feb2020

The percentage of smartphone owners ages 50 and older who report having performed the following activities on their devices in the past 3 months:

    Send or receive IMs or emails
  • Get directions or traffic info
  • Visit websites or surf the internet
  • Get news and other info
  • Access a social networking site
  • Download or purchase an app
  • Play a game
  • Perform banking or financial transactions
  • Make a purchase
  • Comparative shop for discounts and deals
  • Watch videos or shows
  • Manage or receive medical care
  • Watch real time social media videos like Facebook live
  • Get health and fitness info
  • Track health or fitness via apps or website
  • Post your own reviews, ratings, or comments online
  • Request a ride
  • Manage/monitor smart home technology
  • Use a voice activated assistant

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