Sustainable Shoppers’ Share of the Population Articles

The share of the global population of shoppers who are defined by the following sustainability archetypes:

  • Eco-Actives: “Shoppers who are highly concerned about the environment, and are making the most of actions to reduce their waste. They feel an intrinsic responsibility to be more sustainable, follow the topic more actively and have a greater awareness.”
  • Eco-Considerers: “They are worried about the environment and plastic waste, at similar levels to Eco-Actives. But they are actually closer to Eco-Dismissers in how they act, not making many actions to reduce their waste. Their biggest barriers are convenience and price.”
  • “Shoppers who have little or no interest in the environment and making no steps to reduce waste. The topic rarely features
    amongst friends and family and they are lacking awareness of environmental concerns. They do not think they make a difference.”

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