The Importance of Brand Trust to Consumers Articles

MorningConsult Importance of Brand Trust May2021

The percentage of consumers around the world who agree/disagree with the following statements about brands they trust:

  • “I am more likely to recommend them to a family member compared to other brands”
  • “I am more likely to recommend them to a friend compared to other brands”
  • “I buy more of them or buy them more often”
  • “I always choose them over alternatives”
  • “I am more willing to forgive them if they make a mistake or something goes wrong”
  • “I go out of my way to find/access them”
  • “I am willing to pay more for them”
  • “I am more willing to share my data/personal information with them”
  • “I am more likely to follow them on social media”
  • “I am more likely to engage with them on social media”

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