Top Challenges Marketing to Today’s B2B Buyer Articles

DGRFolloze Top Challenges Marketing to B2B Buyers Sept2021

B2B marketers choose their top 3 challenges marketing to today’s B2B buyer from the following list:

  • “Understanding buyers’ changing needs and business requirements”
  • “Engaging buyers at the right time in the right channel”
  • “Creating the personalized campaign and content that will engage buyers”
  • “Arming the sales team with the right content to engage and accelerate target buyers”
  • “Outdated marketing technology stack”
  • “Unpredictable sales cycles and loss of control”
  • “Our legacy GTM model focused on top-of-the-funnel and no longer works on today’s B2B buyer”
  • “Inexperience with customer and intent data and analytics”
  • “Internal silos and organizational inefficiencies”
  • “Our company does not promote a customer-centric culture”

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