Top Reasons for Abandoning An Online Shopping Cart Articles

Top reasons given for abandoning an online shopping cart by respondents who had done so in the previous month:

  • “Unexpected shipping costs
  • “Coupon code or promo code did not apply to my purchase
  • “Final fees were too high (e.g. sales tax)
  • “I was conducting research to buy later
  • “The items I wanted were out of stock or on back order
  • “The estimated shipping time was too long
  • “I couldn’t see/calculate the total order cost up front
  • “The site wanted me to create an account
  • “Too long/complicated checkout process
  • “Site did not accept the payment type I wanted to use
  • “Concerns about security
  • “Payment method was declined
  • “Website had errors/crashed
  • “Returns policy wasn’t satisfactory or unclear
  • “Site made me re-confirm my payment information

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