Trust in Data Security When Using New Apps or Websites Articles

US adults were asked how much they would trust an app or website they were using for the first time to safely and responsibly handle their private data if it did the following:

  • Gave users the option to delete their stored personal data
  • Gave users the option to review their stored personal data
  • Specifically listed the information it stores
  • Used a well-known payment provider for its products or services
  • Encrypted all of the data it stores
  • Gave users the option to set an expiration date for stored data
  • Gave users the option to accept cookies
  • Used end-to-end encryption for communications
  • Used hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS)
  • Used a cloud storage service for user data
  • Asked users for permission to track their activity
  • Required users to turn off ad blockers
  • Asked for information without explaining how it would be used
  • Asked for payments in cryptocurrency
  • Did not specify what it does with users’ personal information
  • Was based outside the United States

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