US Adults’ Attitudes to Sustainability in Fashion Articles

The percentage of US adults who strongly or somewhat agree with the following statements:

  • “I want the fashion industry to become more sustainable / environmentally friendly”
  • “I don’t think the fashion industry is doing enough to become sustainable / environmentally friendly”
  • “Working out which clothes / fashion items are sustainable / environmentally friendly is confusing”
  • “When I shop for clothes online, I don’t know how to identify if an item of clothing / fashion is sustainable or not”
  • “I don’t completely trust the claims some fashion brands make about their commitment to sustainability / caring for the environment”
  • “I would stop buying from fashion brands that have been proved to be making false or misleading claims about the sustainability /
    environmental friendliness of their company / products”
  • “The increasing cost of living will mean that I am currently more concerned about price rather than sustainability when shopping for clothes”
  • “Clothes / fashions that are sustainable / environmentally friendly are often too expensive”

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