US Adults’ Health and Wellness Activity Engagement Articles

IntegerGroup Health and Wellness Activity Engagement Trends Nov2021

The percentage of US adults who report engaging in these health and wellness activities, comparing 2021 with 2017 and 2013:

  • “Cook at home”
  • “Take vitamins or other dietary supplements”
  • “Sleep for at least 8 hours”
  • “Think about your eating habits”
  • “Eat or drink fortified foods/beverages”
  • “Read the nutrition label”
  • “30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity”
  • “Choose reduced-fat/reduced-sugar/reduced-calorie products”
  • “Stress-reduction techniques”
  • “Eat organic/locally grown food”
  • “Take probiotics”
  • “Take mental health supplements”
  • “Go online to learn about a product’s or ingredient’s health benefits”
  • “Follow a specific food philosophy”

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