US Millennials’ Purchase Influencers Articles

The percentage of Millennials in the US who say that these factors have caused them to make a purchase in the last 6 months: recommendation(s) from friends and family; opt-in email(s); consumer review(s) online; TV ads; ad(s) on social networking platforms; ad(s) shown while viewing online video (e.g., on YouTube, Hulu); ad(s) on smartphones; influencer post(s) on social media; catalog(s), advertising card(s), or flyer(s) in the mail; search engine ad(s); product placement(s) on TV (e.g., products seen on a TV show); podcast ad(s); magazine ad(s); promotional product(s) (e.g., T-shirts, pens); radio ad(s); ad(s) on tablets; ad(s) in movie theaters; print newspaper ad(s); outdoor ad(s) (e.g., billboards, posters); or ad(s) while playing video games on consoles.

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