What Content Marketing Topics Were People Searching for Last Year?

April 4, 2022

Content marketing remains a hot topic, and content creation is on the rise as marketers seek to improve brand awareness, generate demand, and educate their audiences. In its State of Content Marketing [download page] report, Semrush finds that strategy is a key area of need for marketers.

Past research from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that only about 1 in 5 content marketers claim that their organization is extremely (2%) or very (20%) successful with strategically managing content across the organization. This follows after prior research indicating that having a content strategy in place has several benefits. As such, it’s interesting to see that “content marketing strategy” was the second-most searched for query related to content marketing last year, with an average of 6,600 monthly searches on Google. Strategy was second only to “content marketing examples” on the list, although both were determined to have an average of 6,600 monthly searches on Google.

Beyond a desire to learn more about strategy and examples, the list of top 20 Google search queries related to content marketing included “content marketing definition” (#4; 4,400 average monthly searches), “types of content marketing” (#7; 2,900), “content marketing agency” (#9; 1,900), and “content marketing funnel” (#11; 1,600).

Although people are still clearly looking to learn about strategy and planning, this topic may have declined in relevance. Compared to 2020 data, this study demonstrates a decrease in monthly searches related to strategy and plan, while revealing an increase in monthly searches for queries involving examples, definition, and types.

Searches for “content marketing agency” and “content marketing services” were also substantially down last year, suggesting that marketers were less likely to turn to outside help.

Top Questions Asked

When it comes to the top questions about content marketing asked on Google, there was one clear winner: “what is content marketing.” With an average monthly search volume of 14,800, this question was leaps and bounds ahead of the next-highest questions, including “what is content marketing in digital marketing” (880), “why is content marketing important” (880), and “what is content marketing strategy” (590).

Other questions related to strategy – such as “how to create a content marketing strategy” and “how to develop a content marketing strategy” – also featured within the top 10.

Most Popular Topics

This year, Semrush detailed what it called the “most popular and most trending topics related to content marketing.” The most popular topics were determined based on search volume as well as backlinks and shares. Topping this list was “content marketing tools,” ahead of “corporate content marketing,” “social media content marketing,” “content marketing trends,” and “b2b content marketing strategy 2020.”

Examining the top trending topics, or those that showed the fastest growth in mentions on social media, Semrush notes that “social media content marketing” was the leader, ahead of “seo in content marketing.”

Most Expensive Keywords

“Content marketing funnel” was found to be the most expensive keyword related to content marketing in 2021 at an average CPC of $21.55. “Content marketing agency near me” ($16.29) was the second most expensive keyword, while “content syndication marketing” was the fourth-most expensive, at $16.04.

Notably, location keywords featuring prominently among the most expensive, with “content marketing pittsburgh” (#3; $16.18), “content marketing atlanta” (#6; $13.08), and “content marketing chicago” (#8; $10.42) all landing within the top 10.

To read more, the full report can be downloaded here.

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