Marketers Look to Improve Their Content Personalization Efforts

May 19, 2023

Marketing and creative professionals in the Technology and Consumer Goods industries continue to see the value of content, and 6 in 10 recognize content as vital to presenting product information and/or demonstrating competitive differentiation, according to a report [download page] from Bynder. As such, roughly three-quarters of respondents in each industry said they will be maintaining or increasing their investments in content amid a down economy.

At the same time, respondents will be looking to find some cost efficiencies with content creation this year. Among Technology (IT, tech and telecoms) respondents, the main way to do so will be by consolidating technology systems (54%), with many also planning to reuse and repurpose content instead of creating bespoke new content (48%). These are also the top 2 plans among Consumer Services/Goods companies, with 57% planning to find cost efficiencies by using each method. Half of respondents in this industry will also reduce agency spend to save money, and more than 4 in 10 (41%) will delay in-house creative hires.

Meanwhile, personalization of content has been a priority for some time now, and marketers and creatives surveyed in both the Tech and Consumer Goods industries see this as a key goal. Indeed, some 54% said that improving localization and personalization efforts is one of their biggest content creation, management, and distribution goals this year.

Additionally, half count the creation of consistent content experiences on all platforms as a key goal for their content efforts this year. This could present quite a challenge, given that two-thirds (66%) of respondents are regularly using more than 11 channels for their marketing and promotional activities.

Close behind, almost half (48%) are prioritizing speeding up time to market, and a similar portion (47%) are looking to accelerate digital transformation. By comparison, fewer (21%) say that one of their biggest content goals is to align internal teams and save time.

For more, download the report here.

About the Data: The results are based on a global survey of more than 1,200 marketing and creative professionals from various functional and executive roles in the Technology and Consumer goods industries, spanning B2B and B2C.


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