Tech Marketers Are Relying on Customer and Sales Feedback to Judge Content Effectiveness

October 10, 2017

US technology marketing executives most commonly rely on customer feedback and sales feedback (56% each) to determine the effectiveness of their marketing content, according to a study [download page] from 10Fold and Dimensional Research. While leads and downloads are also popular yardsticks, fewer are linking their content effectiveness to closed deals.

The data comes from a survey of 176 marketing executives with budget and oversight authority for content in their companies. These executives come from technology companies of various sizes and funding statuses, the majority of which are private (78%) rather than public (22%).

The results follow research from the Content Marketing Institute, which found that 72% of content marketers who track metrics can measure how content has increased their number of leads, while 51% can show how content has increased their organization’s sales.

Tech marketers are most often using web analytics to track the effectiveness of their content, per 10Fold’s report, although a majority also analyze reporting in their marketing automation tools.

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Social, Video Content Have Strong Appeal

Overall, respondents point to social media content and videos as being the types of content that are most critical for sales and marketing initiatives at their companies this year.

Those are followed by webinars and blogs, with white papers and ebooks of less appeal to this set of marketers.

Both social media and video have been tagged in other research as playing a greater role in content marketing. Last year, for example, Regalix found that B2B marketers were prioritizing video as an “indispensable” content format, while seeing social as an increasingly effective distribution vehicle.

Interestingly enough, budgets aren’t the main hindrance to creating quality content, per 10Fold’s study. Instead, a shortage of subject matter expertise was cited as the biggest challenge.

The full report can be downloaded here.


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