What Are Online Shoppers’ Favorite Coupon Types?

November 1, 2022

People are attracted to discounts – they’re most likely to open retail emails with discounts, and to prefer loyalty programs that offer them. In fact, new research from Capterra indicates that most online shoppers will provide their email (85%), gender (70%) and name (60%) in exchange for discounts.

In surveying almost 1,000 US online shoppers who use digital coupons, Capterra found that the most commonly used coupons are percent off (93%) and free shipping (90%), while about two-thirds use loyalty rewards (68%) and buy one get one (65%) coupons.

Easily the most favored coupon type is the percent off, though. Among the 6 types listed, 62% chose it as their preferred coupon, far ahead of free shipping, the next-largest vote-getter (19% share).

Free gift and referral credit coupons are less likely to be used by online shoppers, but the report notes that these are more commonly used by younger than older respondents. The other coupon types, by contrast, did not show significant differences in usage by generation.

Given that percentage off coupons are the preferred type, the report delves into what online shoppers expect across categories. The results reveal that respondents expect the deepest discounts on clothing, with a majority expecting discounts of 20% or higher. Expectations are more modest for food and dining discounts, which most expect to be 15% or lower. A plurality of respondents expect a discount of 10% on all categories with the exception of clothing and apparel, for which the most common answer was a 20% discount (by 32% of respondents).

The key takeaway, per the analysts, is that 5% discounts do not seem to be large enough to motivate consumers, whose expectations typically begin at the 10% mark.

For more, check out the full survey results here.


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