More Advertisers Envision Return to In-Person Events

June 8, 2021

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AdPerceptions Advertiser Return to Sponsoring In Person Events June2021It was not too long ago that businesses were enjoying the benefits of in-person events. But, with the pandemic all but stopping the events industry for most of 2020 and into this year, marketers ended up taking events virtual. Now, with vaccination programs rolling out and a return to some semblance of normalcy on the horizon, a survey from Advertiser Perceptions shows that there is more optimism about when in-person events will resume.

In an April 2021 survey of 300 marketers and agencies, Advertiser Perceptions found that respondents were planning to resume sponsoring in-person events sooner than they predicted in a similar survey just a couple months earlier, in February 2021. Some 14% of respondents say they plan to resume sponsoring events in Q3 2021 (up from 11% in February), while 17% planned to do so in Q4 (up from 16%) and 16% planned to resume sponsoring in-person events in Q1 2022 (up from 12%). In sum, almost half (47%) planned to resume sponsorships of in-person events by or during Q1 2022, up from 39% a couple of months prior.

What’s more, the share of respondents who planned to push sponsoring in-person events beyond Q2 2022 has decreased (9% in April vs. 13% in February).

Going beyond sponsoring live events, respondents have also upped their time-frame for when they will start creating these types of events. Although the February survey showed that the largest share (14% each) of respondents were still planning to create events in Q4 2021 and Q4 2022, by April the largest share (19%) of respondents were planning to resume creating live events in Q4 2021.

More marketers are planning to attend in-person events sooner than before, as well. The largest share say they plan to start attending events either in Q4 2021 (23%, up from 19%) or Q3 2021 (22%, up from 18%). Only 1 in 10 now plan to wait to attend an event at some point beyond Q2 2022, compared to 15% who said they were planning to wait that long back in February.

The full report can be found here.

About the Data: Findings are based on surveys of 300 advertisers (40% marketer; 60% agency) who are 100% involved in media brand selection decisions.


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