These Were the 10 Most “Talkworthy” Marketing Campaigns in 2019

June 2, 2020

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EngagementLabs Most Talkworthy Brands in 2019 Jun2020AARP and Playstation made waves with their marketing campaigns last year in terms of conversation offline and online, respectively, it seems. New data from Engagement Labs shines a light on the brands whose marketing campaigns accounted for the highest share of consumer conversations about the brand in 2019.

Marketers and advertisers know that consumers are highly trusting of product or brand recommendations from friends and family, and frequently discuss products on social media. This word of mouth, whether online or offline, remains highly influential amid the rise of digital marketing and increasingly targeted advertising.

Engagement Lab’s rankings are derived from a list of more than 600 brands, and are based on the percentage of conversations about a brand in which people were talking about the brand’s marketing or advertising. Offline, AARP climbed 6 places from 2018 to take the #1 spot (89.3%) with its “Saving for Retirement” campaign. AVON rose by 2 places to #2 (87.5%), replacing GEICO which dropped a spot to #3 (83.4%).

Some brands in the top 10 had significantly more “talkworthy” campaaigns in 2019. At #4, Toshiba jumped 65 places (82.7%), while Hasbro rose by some 217 spots to #5 (80.2%) and CoverGirl by 44 places to #6 (76.9%).

In terms of online discussion, technology and video gaming dominated social media buzz. Playstation stayed at the #1 spot with 73.5% of social media conversations about the brand referencing its marketing and advertising. Playstation was followed by Nintendo at #2 (70.6%), with Xbox at #3 (70.3%) and Pokemon at #4 (69.3%). As seen in previous research, the video game industry has a strong foothold in the US, with 65% of US adults playing video games. Marketers in this industry have the passion of gamers on their side when it comes to creating buzzworthy campaigns, as demonstrated in Playstation’s big-budget 2019 campaign “It’s Time to Play”.

More data can be viewed here.

About the Data: The percentage figures indicate the share of offline conversations about the brand in which people are talking about the brand’s marketing or advertising. The rankings are derived from a list of more than 600 consumer brands.


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