Amazon Tops 2013 US Buzz Rankings

January 15, 2014

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YouGov-Top-US-Buzz-Rankings-for-2013-Jan2014YouGov has released its US Buzz Rankings list for 2013, and a familiar name tops the rankings – Amazon. The study measures consumer perceptions of brands, asking respondents whether they have heard anything about the brand during the prior 2 weeks and subtracting the percentage who answered they had heard something negative from the proportion who heard something positive. Close behind Amazon’s leading Buzz score of 30.6 were Ford (29.6) and Subway (29.4).

Interestingly, each of the top 10 brands were on the list from the first half of the year – only their rankings changed. For example, Amazon swapped places with Ford, while YouTube and V8 dropped a couple of positions.

Amazon’s position at the top is the latest of several accords from 2013. Recently, a study from ForeSee found that it had the highest customer satisfaction rating (along with L.L.Bean) among retailers during the holiday season. And even more recently, a study from McCann (reported here by Ad Age) indicated that consumers trust Amazon with their data more than any other company measured.

Returning to the YouGov study, the other brands making the top 10 buzz rankings list:

  • History Channel (26.4);
  • Lowe’s (25.9);
  • YouTube (25.1);
  • Walgreen’s (24.8);
  • V8 (24.7);
  • Cheerios (23.9); and
  • Kindle (23.8).

Some other notable names in the top 25 include: Samsung (#11), which came out ahead of Apple (#18); Netflix in at number 12; Google at #19; and Target, at #21. Clearly the rankings are based on average Buzz scores between January and December; were they based on December alone, one would imagine that Target wouldn’t be so fortunate…

The top improvers list, which tracks the highest increase in Buzz during 2013 compared to 2012, needs to be interpreted with some caution. That’s because 4 of the top 5 improvers still ended up with a negative average Buzz score, meaning that more respondents heard something negative than positive about the company. The top 5:

  • American Airlines (+11.4 to 4.3);
  • Goldman Sachs (+10.5 to -12.2);
  • Bank of America (+9.1 to -13.3);
  • J.P. Morgan (+5.7 to -6.5); and
  • Morgan Stanley (+5.3 to -6.5).

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