These Are the Areas Marketers Think Will Be Most Important Over the Next 2 Years

September 23, 2022

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Marketers haven’t always been able to rely on data for decision-making, and even now, few express full confidence in the quantity or quality of data they have in order to make effective decisions. It comes as little surprise, then, that moving to more data- and insight-driven decision-making is the top agenda for marketers in the next 2 years, according to Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing report.

Based on a survey of 716 client, vendor, and agency-side marketers, the report found a leading 37% saying that shifting to data-driven decision-making is a top-3 priority. This was closely followed by the 35% pointing to an improvement of the customer experience and customer journey management as a top-3 priority.

Others tabbed as top-3 areas of importance in the coming years included maximizing marketing effectiveness and optimizing budgets (30%), improving understanding of the customer (24%) and brand building and enhancing brand loyalty (23%). At the bottom of the list were improving personalization and targeting capabilities (14%) and integrating and benefiting from automation, AI and machine learning (also 14%).

A Need for Empathy

With CX improvement high on the list of areas of importance, the survey finds 6 in 10 respondents agreeing that the ability to navigate changing consumer behaviors and CX expectations will be very significant to success.

In terms of meeting CX expectations over the next 2 years, marketers believe that empathy for customers and a deep understanding of their needs will be crucial: 6 in 10 reported this to be “critically important,” while an additional third (32% share) said this would be important. Better understanding customers is a long-standing priority for marketers, while other research has found marketers believing that a top way to create better long-term relationships with customers is by humanizing their connections and understanding emotive drivers.

Beyond empathy for the customer, marketers also see the importance of having a joined-up approach to the customer experience across different internal teams (49% tabbing as “critically important”) and having key customer-centric digital skills in place (47%). By comparison, fewer (30%) believe that it will be critically important for them to have a single customer view.

For more, check out the highlights from Econsultancy’s report here.

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