US Marketers Are Feeling Confident About Their MarTech Use

March 13, 2023

Recent research has suggested that marketing technology leaders are using less than half of their stacks’ capabilities. But don’t tell that to decision-makers in the US, who feel quite confident about the level of utilization they’ve achieved with their existing marketing technology, according to a report from Clevertouch Marketing.

In surveying 650 senior marketers in the US, UK and EU, Clevertouch found that 80.6% of respondents in the US rated the level of utilization they’ve achieved with their existing marketing technology as an 8 or above on a 10-point scale. This was a far higher level of confidence than expressed by respondents in the UK (58.7%) and EU (54%). The results bring to mind a previous study in which US marketers (54%) were considerably less likely than their UK counterparts (74%) to feel that their marketing technology stack is too complex.

Some of this relative ease in the US may be related to simplicity and integration. Some 88% of US senior marketers surveyed for this latest report agreed that they have implemented simplification technologies and processes that their wider marketing department can use to self-service their martech usage. By comparison, fewer in the UK (74%) and EU (59%) concurred.

US marketers also seem to be benefiting from a more data-driven culture: 54% of respondents said that their marketing teams make all significant decisions based on data analysis and that they operate a data-driven culture. By contrast, fewer than half as many (23%) of the rest of the sample agreed.

In another difference, respondents in the US lean more on specialists: 47% said that their martech specialists are the only users of their martech platforms and act as a service function for the wider business. By comparison, 28% of respondents in the UK and EU said the same.

Overall, marketers in the US are feeling empowered by their marketing technologies. Some 91% feel equipped to deliver their marketing strategy with the current level of marketing technology capability in the business, up from 86% last year, and ahead of respondents in the UK (74%) and EU (60%). This could be having a knock-on effect on customer experience, with 48% share in the US saying they offer a seamless experience, compared to 30% in the UK and 25% in the EU.

Other Survey Highlights:

  • B2B2C firms seem to be ahead of B2C and B2B firms in their use of martech. Not only are they more likely to report full integration of martech stacks, but they also are more apt to have implemented a customer data platform and to be providing a seamless customer experience.
  • A leading 35.5% share of respondents cited software as their biggest marketing investment this year, ahead of campaigns (19.7% share), services (19.3%), integration (15.9%) and people (9.6%).
  • Almost 9 in 10 (88% of) marketers in the US agree that the marketing department has the technology available to share all customer information and insight with the sales team. Fewer in the UK (72%) and EU (62%) concurred.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 650 senior marketers in the EU (38% share), UK (31%) and US (31%) who are already using some form of marketing technology (either marketing automation or a marketing cloud platform).


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