Average American Surfed 2,554 Pages in March

April 16, 2009

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The average American visited 111 internet domains and surfed 2,554 web pages in March 2009, according to (pdf) data from Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company.


Nielsen also reported that the duration of time spent at a given web page in the US averaged 56 seconds, and that the average number of web sessions per person was 62. The number of domains and web pages was down slightly from numbers for January, though the time spent at each page increased by one second.

Top 10 Parent Companies/Divisions

Nielsen also reported that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were the top three parent companies/divisions for March 2009. More than 137 million home and work internet users visited at least one Google-owned site or launched a Google-owned application during the month.


AOL, which has the 4th largest unique audience among parent companies, has the longest amount of time spent per person at its sites or applications, at 3 hours and 45 minutes. Social Networking site Facebook moved from #9 in January to #X in March and has more than 69 million visitors who spend an average of 3 hours and 16 minutes at the site during the month, Nielsen said.

Top 10 Web Brands

Nielsen also reported that the top three web brands for March 2009 were Google, Yahoo and MSN Windows Live. As in past months, though Google had the highest overall brand unique audience, AOL Media Network visitors logged the highest average overall time at the site.



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