How Long Does It Take to Implement A CRM Tool?

February 16, 2023

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Marketers face a number of challenges when implementing CRM systems, from training time to integration and data migration. As it stands, HubSpot users appear to take less time implementing their solution than Salesforce users, according to a study [pdf] from Ascend2 sponsored by Aptitude 8.

Based on a survey of 332 sales and marketing professionals working for mid-size organizations (with 100-1,000 employees) who use either HubSpot or Salesforce as their CRM solution, the report indicates that almost two-thirds (64%) of HubSpot users were able to implement their CRM within 1 (12%) to 3 (52%) months. By comparison, only about half (51%) of Salesforce users could use the same. Notably, HubSpot users (62%) were more likely than Salesforce users (52%) to say that 3 or fewer internal employees were dedicated to their CRM implementation.

Implementation time emerged as one of the key challenges encountered during respondents’ implementation of their current tool, as cited by 40% of respondents, on par with training/adoption (also 40%). Still, data migration (45%) and cost of implementation (42%) were slightly greater obstacles, according to the report.

When evaluating a potential new CRM solution, the sales and marketing professionals surveyed say that their top priorities are or would be features/functionality (42%) and ease of use (41%). By comparison, implementation cost (30%) and timeline to implement (27%) are lesser priorities.

Two in 3 (66% of) executives surveyed have plans to add, remove, or replace components of their current CRM or sales/marketing technology in the coming year.

In other highlights from the report:

  • About 9 in 10 respondents either strongly (46%) or somewhat (45%) agree that the overall cost of their CRM and integrated sales/marketing technology is worth the price they pay.
  • Virtually all (95%) rate it extremely (66%) or somewhat (29%) important to have access to a comprehensive view of prospect and customer data across teams.
  • Even so, only 4 in 10 (39%) feel that their current tech stack makes it extremely easy to get a full view of customer data.
  • Fully 95% agree that they would be more likely to switch to a new CRM if they could see ROI within the first year.

For more, check out the full report here [pdf].


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